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Hey everyone!! And welcome to my blog! I hope that you all enjoy everything that i put on here. Some of it will be really random. But that is just how i am. I will try to update my blog as often as possible. Please leave comments..... Love you all!


January 19, 2012


Well here we are in 2012 woohoo we made it!!! Haha Ok so i know I said I was going to write a lot but havent so one of my new years resolutions is to write more so here I am writing. :)  ok so lets see what is new with me.
1. Marissa asked me to be her maid of Honor woohoo!
2. 5 of my friends are having well 2 of them are boys but there girlfriend/wife is pregnant and Ironiacly those are the 2 out of the 5 that are having girls lol :)
3. Brandan and I are moving to Mishawaka on saturday ugh I hate moving. and to make it worse we are moving to the third floor lol. well at least i know i will get a good exercise everytime i go take the trash out.
4. Febuary is going to be the best month ever!!! going to Tennessee and Valintines day ehhh I am super excited. :)
5. get to go to megaplay with B on saturday after we move of course. :)
6. might be getting a rabbit next friday when B gets paid yippie!!
7. I am very in love with the best guy in the whole world !!!! He is my  best friend!!!
8. Taylor swift is awesome I want to see her and three days grace in concert before i die.
9. I know this is super randon but haha you already knew it was going to be. :)
Love always til next time