What you will see

Hey everyone!! And welcome to my blog! I hope that you all enjoy everything that i put on here. Some of it will be really random. But that is just how i am. I will try to update my blog as often as possible. Please leave comments..... Love you all!


June 03, 2011

Off to neverland I go !

So one more week til i leave for napperville! And start my job. I think i am actually looking forward to it. It will be really good for me. I am planning a workout that i am going to be doing everyday after work. I am also bringing Holli with me my kitty cat. I am thinking of buying her a harness and leash so i can take her on walks i think she would like that. Not much has been going on I need to start packing and getting ready. so so much to do and i love to prochrastinate. :) i know that this entry is rather short but not a whole lot has been going on.
So intl we meet again.
Love always