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July 08, 2010

Growing up is soooo hard to do

So i got to go home fourth of July weekend and it was absolutely amazing.......  Friday I got my new phone and hung out with Kathleen and Josh!!! Saturday I had lunch with Christine, Thomas, and Christopher. :)
Then I went and hung out with Marissa and then Josh met us at the mall and we hung out for a bit and then Sunday I hung out with Marissa and Christy, and Sara and Josh. Sara and I spent the night at Marissa's it was awesome. Then monday we went bowling and that was awesome took lots of pics. Marissa is moving to New york at the end of July :( But I am going to try and visit her as much as possible.  This week at work has been preety easy we might be digging tomorow aftrenoon who knows. My mom  and sisiter and brother are in town so thats preety awesome. well i guess thats all for now. everything is goi ng preety well.
Peace and Love

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  1. I miss you!!! I'm glad you had a great week and that things have been going well.

    I would cal but my Phone is not working right now. Read my post to see how my morning has sucked. I need sympathy right now.