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Hey everyone!! And welcome to my blog! I hope that you all enjoy everything that i put on here. Some of it will be really random. But that is just how i am. I will try to update my blog as often as possible. Please leave comments..... Love you all!


March 09, 2012


Alright so I am extremely excited. The other day Brandan and I got the Kinect for our xbox 360!! It is awesome I got the game Dance Central 2 and I absolutely love it. and I have decided  that since there is a fitness section on the game that i will work out for 30-45 minutes a day doing Dance central it is so fun and I love love love to dance! :)  So in other news! My grandma Shiela pasted away in Febuary. She had deminshia so she is most deffiently  in a better place for sure. I will deffiently miss my grandma but i know that she had a wonderful life while she was on earth and she will have an even better life in heaven. I love you grandma forever and always. ok see what else. ummmm...... I went to Tennessee for 5 days at the end of febuary. It was fun. I got to see all my friends who I have been missing so very much. We went out alot! I am hopping that for my birthday Brandan will take me to six flags or we will do something awesome!!!!! He is the greatest!! I might be getting a Job in chicago this year again. I hope so. I need a job so bad. If i get this job then Brandan and I will be able to start planning our wedding yippie!!!! Im so excited. so anyways. My friend Marissa is getting married. But I dont know when and I am supose to be her maid of honor. :/ but we will see what happens. well I guess thats it for now. I will be writing more soon. Much love

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